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Embrace the Ugly

When we create there is often an "ugly" stage. Sometimes it is the chaotic under-painting to just get rid of the white canvas and sometimes it is because we are learning something new. As an Artist I am always drawn to new art forms. All artists are creators and it is part of our life blood. I need to create something on a daily basis to be fulfilled. However, I can't paint everyday with my mental and physical health challenges so I look for other ways to create. Sometimes it is a floral arrangement, sometimes it is just taking photographs.

Last month I decided to try pottery and a wheel throwing class. Now, I have not touched raw clay since High School so "Newbie" was an understatement. Needless to say I was pretty terrible at it and ended up with clay everywhere! One of my little pots threw itself off my wheel but I was determined to save it. I squished it back together and hoped for the best.

When I came to pick it up at the Studio after glazing I was amazed at how this little pot was transformed. Now, it completely sank on one side during drying but that only added to its' ugly beauty. It will serve as a reminder that ugly things can have their beauty depending on who is looking at it. The rest of the world might see a sad, amateur pottery failure but to me it was a lesson and a day learning something new is always great.

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