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Magnolia Morning - Acrylic 15"x30"

Last year I was lucky to visit the Butchart Botanical Gardens on Vancouver Island, British Columbia while doing some Trauma Resiliency Therapy with Wounded Warriors. The garden was just waking up and giving us a glimpse of her splendour (while back at home we had more snow). I am always astonished at how incredible Magnolia tree blossoms are. They are not hardy to my zone 2 garden so seeing them in person is such a treat.

On one particularly cold winter day I decided to paint these magnolias and they truly took my breath away. Painting primarily with my palette knives, I enjoyed creating the deep texture of "Magnolia Morning".

Very thankful to the Butchart Gardens for their Military Veterans discount. I find visiting gardens a very grounding and healing experience that is so important for your mental health.

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