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We are Live!

Updated: May 16, 2023

After much decision I have finally decided to go public with my art and design. Creating a logo, website, social media and online store for your own brand is a real challenge as artists are our own worst critics.

I love creating art as well as creating beautiful spaces so I combined the two and offer unique home decor items featuring my art. I will also be creating some other art forms and offering them for sale locally as they are created. Originals and prints of my artwork are also for sale.

I will be participating in a Veteran Artist show in the Fall of 2023 and hope to exhibit in some local galleries.

Putting yourself out there is always a risk but it is what makes life colourful. It has been a long road of recovery to make it to this stage but I am hoping others will enjoy the works I have created. Please follow me and share. You can find my store here!

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