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Starry Blues - A Big Painting for a Big Space

My latest client had a problem; big white, tall walls with no focal point. She commissioned me to create a large piece with blue hydrangeas and pink star gazer lilies. The biggest canvas I could find was 60"x48" and so it began. I took flower reference photos all summer long at various gardens that I visited but this piece just came together on the canvas. I used a very heavy impasto technique using modelling paste to help bring out the detail. My round palette knife came in handy to create the petals of the huge hydrangeas. Probably my favourite surprise was when I came to install the painting. The lighting I created in the painting matched the lighting source coming in through the patio doors. As Bob Ross would say, "A happy little accident."

I love creating pieces for others. My commission process can be as involved as you like or a big surprise (as my last 2 clients preferred). I do florals, landscapes, seascapes and wildlife as my focus. I have 2 spaces left for commissions before this Christmas season. Contact me today for more information. A huge thank you to my clients for allowing me to create one of a kind pieces for them.

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